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Riverside, Roath and Rhiwbina farmers’ markets are all operated by Riverside Community Markets Association or RCMA for short, we were set up in 1998 when the first market was launched as Riverside Real Food Market in Despenser Gardens. Since then the operation has grown and we are now running three weekly farmers markets in Cardiff, working with Riverside Community Garden and moving into the world of evening street food nights.

We are passionate about local food, sold directly to you by the producers and growers local to the city and we do this without it costing the earth. We work to create a friendly place to shop and meet up your local community.

Over the last 16 years we have seen local residents benefit from the markets both in terms of having local affordable food on their doorsteps and the positive attitude towards areas that the markets create.

We have three key aims which provide the foundations of all of our work:

Supporting local businesses – we aim to give producers and growers the opportunity to trade directly with the public in the city and offer them support in getting their products quite literally to market. 

Fresh Local Food – we work to increase the access to affordable, fresh, local produce within areas with limited provisions. We aim to help people become more aware of the food they are buying while also reducing food miles and unnecessary packaging. Excellent food that doesn’t cost the earth 

Excellent food for Cardiff – contributing to supporting local businesses, regeneration and a greater sense of community within the city all while gathering some of the best food producers in South Wales for you to choose from. 

“We love shopping at the markets. We know we are getting the freshest and most cared for ingredients around!”


10 Reasons To Shop At Our Markets
Fresh, direct food = delicious food and this is likely to be some of the freshest food in Cardiff.
Your local shop. We are often as close and convenient as your local supermarket of a weekend, so why not pop by.
Food that doesn’t have to cost the earth. Many of our traders run price checks with supermarkets, making their produce competitively priced in comparison.
Making trade fair! By cutting out the middle man the producers are able to take home their profits.
Protecting the Environment. Food miles are cut to a minimum and we sell using as little packaging as possible so less to throw away.
Variety is the spice of life. Farmers markets and farm shops have a reputation for offering a variety of produce and our traders do not disappoint.
Meet the producers. Buying fresh, direct and local allows you to ask the producer question meaning you can be sure of how it’s made or grown and where it comes from.
Investing in your community. By supporting your local producers and farmers today you are helping to ensure their future in your community.
Environment and wildlife benefits. By supporting farmers are also supporting ecosystems which provide excellent habitats for nearby wildlife.
Conserving a sense of community and tradition. The relaxed, community feel of farmers' markets make them popular social occasions.
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